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Mar 07, 2011 · Twin-shaft mixers. MSO6000-HLS twin-shaft mixers have an output capacity of 6 cu. yds. of compacted concrete per batch. Each has two 150-cu.-yd. cement silos and aggregate bins with a storage capacity of 981 cu. yds. The mixers have a fully automatic high-pressure cleaning system to ensure quick and easy clean-up. Simem America Corp. 877-333-9924.

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To avoid contamination of the batching plant two automatic air vent filters with a fan were used to ventilate the mixers. The two planetary mixers are individually cleaned by a Pemat automatic high-pressure cleaning system. By that way an extremely high degree of purification is achieved, and a longer service life of the mixer is guaranteed.


• automatic high pressure mixer cleaning systems • automatic microwave humidity detection systems • hot water or steam heating systems • cooled water or ice cooling systems • inert/skip/conveyor backup hopper • concrete backup hopper • additive system by weight, volume or timed • …

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Washout Systems for Concrete Batching Mixers & Plants. An automatic washout system for concrete mixing. Adding a high-pressure washout system to your mixer can give you an extra 15 to 30 minutes of production time every day. This washout system works with all types of concrete mixers…


Sicoma twin shaft mixer MAO-6,000 with automatic high-pressure washout system. Optional sizes available. Heavy duty frame. Designed for twin shaft or continuous mixers. Shown with Sicoma MAO-6000 twin shaft mixer. Includes three (3) 20,000 lb. single axle transportation systems, with air brakes, turning signals and 5th wheel.

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Accessories for high-pressure Tank Cleaners. PDF Download. White Papers. Mixer Washer. Cleaning Upright Cement Mixers. Automatic cleaning of concrete mixer. Low pressure cleaning. Barrel cleaner. Cleaning of wine barrels. MOOG Cleaning Systems AG Neufeldstrasse 11 CH-3076 Worb T: +41 31 838 19 19 [email protected]

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Cleaning system for truck mixer drums. High-pressure unit A2-B for the concrete industry. High-pressure unit DAB for the concrete industry. Workstation for hand lance. Rotating nozzle system RD3 (concrete) Rotary bucket cleaning in bucket rails. Cleaning concrete spreaders in precast factories.

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Internal cleaning of concrete mixers. Thorough, quick and automatic cleaning of stationary mixers. Guaranteed product quality and longer, trouble-free service life of mixer. A selection of mobile high pressure equipment with hot or cold water, electric drive or with a petrol engine. MOOG Cleaning Systems AG Neufeldstrasse 11 CH-3076

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concrete mixers. overhead skip systems. concrete distributors. because cleaning is preventive maintenance! for all mixer makes. automatic high-pressure cleaning integrated in the production process. productivity increase due to shorter cleaning times. reduction of labor costs due to automation of the cleaning process.

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Apr 13, 2015 · Automatic High-pressure Mixer Washout Ocmer North America's High Pressure Mixer Washout system has been made more affordable by running the washout heads in sequence rather than in parallel, to reduce the volume of water required from …

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to the high pressure spray heads via high pressure hoses or tubes. A joint control system for the pump assembly and the drives of the spray heads is also required to operate the cleaning system. Several manufacturers already offer automatic cleaning systems as an option with the purchase of a new plant. Mixers


• automatic high pressure mixer cleaning systems • automatic microwave humidity detection systems • hot water or steam heating systems • cooled water or ice cooling systems • inert/skip/conveyor backup hopper • concrete backup hopper • additive system by weight, volume or timed • …

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9. High pressure automatic cleaning systems: a & b. Depending on mixer size up to 6 rotating nozzles for fast, thorough and efficient cleanup. c. One compact system installed on mixer platform. Inclusive handlance for manual cleaning. d. Distributor plate for better overview. 10. Concrete sampler. 11. Plant-integrated HPGM mixer with

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The high-pressure pump unit DAB - for medium and large mixers. The central unit of the mixer cleaning systems is the pump unit. High-quality pump units known throughout the industry offer the cleaning capacity necessary for strongly soiled concrete mixers. Walter is offering the right balance between pressure and water consumption and is moving your concrete plant forward as far as cost …

High-pressure technology for truck mixer, tank and tank

Truck mixers and tank or tank wagons are to be cleaned regularly. The standing time of the vehicles should be as short as possible. For the various industries and the different residues to be removed, cleaning with high pressure technology offers ideal solutions.

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8. Concrete discharge-Discharge cones for every concrete distribution method. - Direct discharge or with holding hoppers. - Fully automatic discharge into buckets (platform transport carts, forklift, crane), ready mix trucks, flying bucket systems or concrete belts. 6. Automatic high pressure cleaning system-For fast and complete cleanup.

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Manufacturer of Automatic Vibrator Table, Vibro With High Pressure Paver Block Machine, Cement Block Machine, Chip Concrete Mixer and Rabadi Colour Mixer offered by …

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Walter Gerätebau GmbH has already been in close contact with the manufacturers of concrete products and their statutory accident insurance and prevention associations for many years, in order to keep safety conditions concerning automatic mixer cleaning up to date.. For 20 years, the company has been developing automatic cleaning systems for the concrete industry and has established itself as

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Scale-Tron manufactures High Pressure Washout system for Concrete Mixers, Temperature Sensors for use in concrete production and also Bagged Fiber Dispensers. The company also imports Concrete Mixers and Bulk Fiber Dispensers from Italy. The mixer washout system that really does a job – any mixer, any plant. The standard A80R washout heads are suitable for all types of concrete mixer.

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with automatic high-pressure cleaning systems that use high pressure water to clean out mix residue and buildup in about 10 minutes. This enables the firm to perform cleanup on breaks, between shifts and at the end of each day. Hand operated lances allow spot cleaning and cleaning outside of mixer, chutes and flying buckets whenever necessary.